Type T – The Classic

The Classic among our center mast umbrellas guarantees professional shading for any requirement. Type T’s smallest edition already covers an area of 4 m² and the biggest shades even 27 m².
The tried and tested telescopic system and state of the art gearbox situated within the mast, provides maximum of stability, functionality and durability. It is operated by crank handle or crank pin, whereby the frame is raised when closing, so that, with few exceptions, type T umbrellas can be closed above table height.


Adjustable, spring loaded end pieces in the arms ensure automatic retightening of membranes as well as quick and easy cover changes. Type T umbrellas allow free choice between an in-ground and upper sleeve fixing set in a concrete foundation, a base plate or portable stand solutions. A large variety of sizes, excellent manufacture and a multiple choice of accessories enables Type T to be ready for being your best friend.


The Classic - making dreams come true!



Shapes & Sizes


Size: From 2 m x 2 m to 5 m x 5 m
Shaded area: From 4 m² to 25 m²


Size: From 2,5 m x 2 m to 6,5 m x 4 m
Shaded area: From 5 m² to 27 m²


Size: From 3 m to 6 m
Shaded area: From 7 m² to 27 m²

Small umbrella - great impression

Amazing concerning its stability, durability and easy handling – no matter if square, round or rectangle this sun umbrella offers you a comprehensive variety of sizes and is a popular favorite as well in private as in professional utilization.

The Classic

Most favorite type of umbrella
Perfect for shading small and middle sized areas
Comprehensive variety of sizes
8-arm telescope technology
Made in Germany

Specifications Type T

Sizes: From Ø 2,0 m to Ø 6,5 m outer diameter
Shaded area: From 4 m² to 27 m²
Mast: 80 mm
Mast thickness: From 3 mm to 4 mm
Arms: 35 x 25 x 2 mm or 45 x 25 x 2 mm
Operation: Crank handle / crank pin
Colors: Details under Fabrics & Colors
Accessories: Optional

Interesting facts about the Classic

In former times umbrellas (parasol/French) have been made by traditional umbrella makers. Today they mostly are manufactured industrially. You can find them in various shapes, sizes and colors. Our umbrella The Classic is available in sizes from 2 m to 6,5 m outer diameter and covers an area of 4 m2 to 27 m2 with refreshing shade.

Our most popular model is Type T size 4 m, also size 4 x 4 m and 5 m. According to the comprehensive variety of colors and available accessories people buy these umbrellas as first choice and with great pleasure.

Our umbrellas are equipped with robust frames made of extruded aluminium profiles finished with a high quality powder coating. Especially long arms are reinforced to increase their stability. Designing our umbrellas we are focused on providing solid durability and safe stability defying speedy winds.

Using a crank handle the gearbox is very easy to handle and with an integrated self-locking mechanism our umbrellas remain securely open in all positions. This way even the largest umbrellas are easy to open and close. Sunacryl fabrics covers durable from wind, weather, luminosity, heat and provides a high effective sun protection. 

Diehl Aircabin

As an exemplary company Diehl Aircabin supports their employees by having relaxing breaks enjoying perfectly shaded areas by Uhlmann premium sun umbrellas.

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