Seit kurzer Zeit haben wir große Teile unserer Produktionskapazitäten im Bereich Textil auf die Herstellung von Mund- und Nasenmasken umgestellt. Wir geben unser Bestes um bei der Eindämmung der COVID 19 Krise mitzuhelfen. Zum Einsatz kommt hierbei ein spezielles Trevira Bioactive® Gewebe, das durch permanente und hautverträgliche Additive antimikrobiell wirkt, und bei 95 C° kochwäschefest ist. Es hemmt das Wachstum von Bakterien sowie unangenehmen Gerüchen, ist auf Hautverträglichkeit getestet und nach Ökotex Standard 100 zertifiziert. 

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Our classic – ever since the beginning!
They are elegant, strong, long lasting and easy to handle. They are available in square, rectangular and round shapes and in a very large selection of sizes.

Our Classics patio umbrellas are very popular with commercial and residential users alike.

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Extra Large Patio Umbrella for commercial applications.

Designed to shade large areas, our Giant umbrellas cover surfaces up to 78 sq.m. 
Square and rectangular umbrellas can be connected with “rain gutters” to provide extremely large shade for commercial and municipal applications.
Made with the highest grade materials they exhibit robust strength, but are still easy to operate. 

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Unrivaled strength and proven wind resistance makes these StrongWind umbrellas the best choice for extremely windy locations, and any place where public safety is also a concern.

Used in coastal areas, hill tops, even on  skyscraper terraces, a wind resistant patio umbrella always performs to  complete satisfaction.

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Large Patio Umbrellas made in germany

The Uhlmann umbrellas are manufactured in Germany at our factory. All phases of production  are under our close control. 

We combine the best of German engineering principles and practices with quality workmanship to produce the highest quality patio umbrellas on the market. 

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Commercial Patio Umbrellas

Sonnenschirme am Sulzburghof Biergarten
Sonnenschirme Gastronomie am Golfplatz
Gastroschirme vor einem Hotel / Casino
Mehrere Sonnenschirme vor einem Hotel

Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas - Quality meets Elegance

For over 20 years, patio umbrellas for higher and special requirements have been produced at the company site in Uttenweiler. Special large patio umbrellas, individually manufactured for you: In rectangular, square or round shape, ranging from shading areas of 9 m² to over 78 m², available in 47 popular trend colours. We only use materials of finest quality.  That is how we guarantee a high-class standard to our customers. We are the supplier for many market leaders in the outdoor catering sector, so we know what is essential. That is why we are first choice for private, commercial and professional institutions. We offer flexibility when it comes to special solutions. You can see this from our outstanding product range: 100 large patio umbrella sizes are available in five different variations. Take us at our word: We will shade every terrace!

We as a producer offer a wide range of products, based on different basic types such as giant umbrellas or wind resistant patio umbrellas. These can be designed in different shapes (round, square, rectangular) and in different sizes. The result is an extensive assortment of over 80 patio umbrella variations. By choosing colour and supplementary accessories – such as lightening, side panels etc. – the variation range enlarges even further. As you can see, our spectrum is just extra-large. Buy directly from the producer – as a guarantee for perfect shading!