Sun Umbrellas - Strong Wind & Weather Resistant

Our Strong Wind umbrella is made especially to withstand the elements in exposed locations such as coastal areas, roof-top terraces and in high altitude regions. It’s a Titan and solid as a rock. Therefore gastronomy prefers this type. Designed to shade large areas this strong wind umbrella is a reliable partner even in challenging weather conditions. 

Designed to defy even speedy winds this umbrella was tested in the wind tunnel and prooved its capability to withstand strong winds up to102 km/h because of its reinforced arms, exceptionally stable hinge points and an extremely strong mast. Depending on your individual requirements umbrellas of Type TS, TXS and TX can be installed using concrete foundation with in-ground sleeves or base plates.

Solid as a rock!

Sun umbrellas Made in Germany

Sun umbrellas made by Uhlmann are produced in our manufactory with great diligence and are all hand-made. At our German location we run our entire printing and also our winter services.

This way you can rely on having the guarantee of receiving best quality.

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Shapes & Sizes


Size: From 3 m x 3 m to 6 m x 6 m
Shaded area: From 9 m² to 36 m²


Size: From 4 m x 3 m to 7,5 m to 4 m
Shaded area: From 12 m² to 35 m²


Size: From 3 m to 8 m
Shaded area: From 7 m² to 50 m²

Umbrella tested in the wind tunnel

To guarantee our clients highest stability and reliable wind resistance these umbrellas were tested in the wind tunnel. While being tested in the wind tunnel the respective umbrella was fixed to the ground with a screw anchored base plate.  

Strong Wind umbrellas are available as follows:

  • Typ TS 80 mm maximum gust of wind pressure up to 102 km/h
  • Typ TXS 110 mm maximum gust of wind pressure up to 102 km/h
  • Typ TX 110 mm maximum gust of wind pressure up to 70 km/h



Windkanal getestet

Sun umbrellas tested in windchannel - Video

Strong Wind umbrellas designed for gastronomy

Outdoor areas in gastronomy in particular need Strong Wind umbrellas to ensure maximum protection of all guests when gusty or speedy winds come up. We therefore strongly recommend to choose sun umbrellas with an intense sun and UV protection and additionally tested for wind stability – like Strong Wind umbrellas of Type TS, TXS and TX. Your guests will enjoy being in your place knowing that they have optimum protection from weather influences.


Gastroschirm Windfest
Sonnenschirm Windfest Gastronomie
Windstabile Sonnenschirme

Specifications Type TS, TXS and TX

Sizes: From Ø 3,0 m to Ø 8,0 m outer diameter
Shaded area: From 7 m² to 50 m²
Mast: TS = Ø 80 mm; TXS, TX = 110 mm
Mast Thickness: From 4 mm to 5 mm
Arms: 45 x 25 x 2 mm to 56 x 31 x 2,5 mm
Operation: Crank handle / crank pin
Colors: See "Fabrics & Colors"
Accessories: Optional

Interesting facts about our Strong Wind umbrellla

Our Strong Wind umbrelllas are tested in the wind tunnel up to wind speeds of 102 km/h and succeeded! In weather forecasts wind speeds from 94 km/h to 102 km/h (51 to 55 knots) are counted as heavy storm. Uhlmann's Strong Wind Umbrellas are available in more than 20 different sizes and provide a tremendous high stability and durability.

Tested in the wind tunnel
Reinforced construction
Aerodynamically efficient design
Perfect for windy locations
Highest quality and wind-resistance
Made in Germany

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