To extend the application of your umbrella and make it very special we offer you a variety of suitable accessories like heating, lighting, rain gutters, side sheets as well as our Uhlmodul (used as privacy protection screen or wind shield and also as an additional stand-alone advertising medium) in usual Uhlmann quality.  


Robust and stable giant umbrellas need to be fixed appropriately – either with an in-ground and upper sleeve system with a concrete foundation or a base plate or portable stand integrated into the existing structural surrounding of terraces or balconies. This way they ensure a secure standing position and best stability.

Just in case you don't find a suitable fixing we are able to design and produce a special fixing according to your requirements.

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In-ground and upper sleeve


For permanent installation we recommend our 2-part in-ground sleeve system.
By use of a clamp and secured with a lock screw your umbrella is safely fixed and guarantees a zero-play and secure hold. The ground sleeve is set on ground level into a concrete foundation to ensure a secure standing position.  


Base Plate


The base plate is used in cases where a concrete foundation is not possible. Prime examples are roof-top terraces, locations with underlying basements or balconies. By means of an 8 anchor screw system and special heavy duty dowels secure standing is ensured.

Portable Stand


For mobile installation we recommend welded, hot dip galvanized or powder coated portable stands used with inlaid concrete paving slabs. The four corner supports can be adjusted individually to compensate any unevenness in the underlying ground.


May be you often enjoy sitting under your Uhlmann umbrella until twilight. In this case you might like to have a pleasing lighting. We offer it optional. It is integrated into your umbrella and all cables are hidden from view inside the mast.  

Using this lighting tool you certainly can enjoy your evening with a relaxing ambience of ease and comfort. Due to the latest lighting technologies also glorious light displays can be created.


As a host or event manager you are always keen on to provide your guests with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With our heating solution you can turn your outdoor area into an impressive and pleasant location for your guests to feel at ease.


Instead of using conventional gas heaters you treat your surrounding with care by using our highly efficient infrared heaters attached to the umbrella. This also in addition will save you money. Installed on special brackets our heaters conveniently can be collapsed before closing the umbrella. Time-consuming removal is not necessary.

Uhlmodul (Screens Gastronomy)

It can be used as a stand-alone advertising medium as a screen or wind shield or also as a divider – our Uhlmodul provides multiple applications. You can make it a real eye-catcher by creating the print yourself or by personalizing it with your brand. Set the scene for you by printing your company logo, personal images or any other photo motif. You also have free choice of fabric.

Visually attractive advertising space is the best calling card for a restaurant or company. Positioned in front of your entry the Uhlmodul is a fascinating eye-catcher, draws visitor’s attention to it and will bring them to your business. In comparison to an ordinary fence the personalized advertising printed on our Uhlmodul seems like a magnet and attracts people’s admiring looks to it.


Rain Gutter

A Uhlmann umbrella will not leave you out in the rain. Adjacent umbrellas as well as umbrellas situated in close proximity to buildings can be easily connected by means of rain gutters. Even detached umbrellas can be equipped
with selfsupporting gutters to allow rain water to drain off in a desired direction.


Airtex is used as the recommended material for our rain gutters. Their slightly conical shape provides the slope required to allow water to drain off efficiently.
For the necessary stability Uhlmann rain gutters have integrated aluminium profiles with threaded inserts.  


Side Sheets

Our side sheets make it possible to create a sheltered atmosphere and a cosy ambience. They can be ordered with or without transparent clear vision inserts.

The fastening system is identical to that of the rain gutters. Side sheets can be connected to one another by a strong hook-and-loop tape. Roll-up doors are also available.