Overview - professional sun umbrellas

Professional sun umbrellas made by Uhlmann – high and comprehensive quality “Made in Germany”. We exclusively produce in Germany and our focus is on holding highest standards. An overview of all types of sun umbrellas you find right here and all available accessories you will find on the matching subsites.  


Type T - The Classic

Sonnenschirm 5x5 Meter
Sizes: From Ø 2,0 m to Ø 6,5 m outer diameter
Shaded area: From 4 m² to 27 m²
Shapes: Square, rectangle & round

Our Type T Classic is perfectly designed for shading small and middle sized areas. It is excellent in stability and durability. Type T’s spectacular variety of sizes makes it a favorite for private and professional use.

Types TS, TXS and TX - Strong Wind

Sonnenschirme Windfest - Übersicht
Sizes: From Ø 3,0 m to Ø 8,0 m outer diameter
Shaded area: From 7 m² to 50 m²
Shapes: Square, rectangle & round

Our Strong Wind umbrellas are purpose-made for extremely windy locations like coastal areas or roof-top terraces. Reinforced arms and an extremely strong mast withstand even speedy winds up to 102 km/h.

Typ TXV - The Impressive

Sonnenschirme - Übersicht Typ TXV
Sizes: 6,5 x 6,5 m and 7 x 7 m
Shaded area: 42,3 m² and 49 m²
Shapes: Square

The TXV umbrella is a really "strong guy" - large and solid. Perfect for playgrounds, market stalls, parks, at open–air events and anywhere where cover is required to achieve pleasant places to stay.

Typ TLX - Giant Umbrellas

Sizes: From Ø 4,5 m to Ø 10,0 m outer diameter
Shaded area: From 25 m² to 78 m²
Shapes: Square, rectangle & round

Giant umbrellas are perfectly designed to shade middle and large sized areas. Although being big this umbrella is very easy to handle and promises being completely user-friendly.

Type FX - Cantilever Umbrella

Uhlmann Sonnenschirme Typ FX
Sizes: From Ø 3,0 m to Ø 5,0 m outer diameter
Shaded area: From 9 m² to 25 m²
Shapes: Square, rectangle & round

Our Cantilever Umbrella is perfectly designed to shade smaller areas. The unique design provides to sit with your guests in an uninterrupted space beneath the cover. Therefore this umbrella is just perfect for gastronomy and also private use.    

Type MMA - Specials

Sizes: 5,5 m x 4,8 m x 3,2 m
Shaded area: 43 m²
Shapes: Asymmetric Design

Would you like to have a very special and exclusive sun umbrella? Uhlmann makes dreams come true and offers you a sun umbrella designed just for you! Please, feel invited to be creative and choose among all shapes and colors whatever makes your heart sing.