Giant sun umbrellas
Type TLX - The Giant

Giant umbrellas made by Uhlmann only are manufactured using either 10 or 12-arm geometry. This giant umbrella Type TLX is available in 10 different sizes – special sizes we gladly offer on request. Favorites of this type are umbrellas in sizes of 8m or 10m outer diameter. The external sliding mechanism is connected with the telescope by means of two stainless steel cables. Both telescope and sliding mechanism are held in place by synthetic slide bearings to avoid twisting.

The state of the art gearbox ensures that even the largest umbrellas are very easy to handle. With an integrated self-locking system our umbrellas remain securely open in all positions. Depending on your individual requirements you have free choice of fixing between concrete foundation with in-ground sleeves, base plate or portable stands. Durable mast construction and reinforced arms allow shading areas of 78 m2 (10 m ø umbrella).


The most outstanding umbrella!



Size: 7,5 m x 7,5 m
Shaded area: 56 m²


Größe: From 7 m x 6 m to 9 m x 5 m
Shaded area: From 36 m² to 56 m²


Sizes: From 9 m to 10 m
Shaded area: From 63 m² to 78 m²

Sun Umbrella Giant

The Giant this Type TLX is called and it is availalble in shapes of square, rectangle or round. This gigantic umbrella outshines all and is an absolute favorite to be best choice for outdoor areas of gastronomy, events, on balconies, terraces and various momentous occasion.

The Giant

Double-reduction gearbox
Ideal for shading middle and large sized areas
Excellent for advertising purposes
10/12 arm telescope technology
Made in Germany

Specifications Type TLX

Sizes: From Ø 4,5 m to Ø 10 m outer diameter
Shaded area: From 25 m² to 78 m²
Mast: Ø 110 mm
Mast thickness: 5 mm
Arms: 56 x 31 x 2 mm
Operation: Crank handle / crank pin
Colors: See „Fabrics & Colors“
Accessories: Optional

Interesting facts about The Giants

Our edition XXL umbrellas are as all of Uhlmann Sun Umbrellas exclusively manufactured in Germany. Uhlmann umbrellas represent highest quality and durability. Due to the available variety of shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and more these umbrellas can be designed perfectly in accordance to your individual requirements. They provide excellent sun protection and brighten your place with exquisite ambience. Even on very hot days you will enjoy your meals or any gathering sitting outside in the refreshing shade of one of these extraordinary giants. 

Our giant umbrellas are finished with a high quality powder coating and provide highest stability. Long arms are reinforced to increase this firmness. Adjustable, spring-loaded end pieces in the arms ensure automatic retightening of membranes as well as quick and easy cover changes. The lower pole sewing plate is welded to the mast. Uhlmann always cares for highest quality of all their products and as well for a friendly and competent customer service – and of course additional to that for a smooth handling. 

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