Fabrics and Colors

Uhlmann uses only high-quality fabrics and colors. All fabrics are weather proved, UV resistant, have an antimicrobial effect and are dirt and water rejecting. We offer our clients a wide range of colors and special colors.

Fabric: Sunacryl® - non fading and tear resistant

The Sunacryl ® fabric  represents high effective sun protection. It shields durable from wind, weather, luminosity and UV radiation. Due to the solution dyed acryl fiber this fabric is non fading and tear resistant. Therefore Sunycryl® fabric is best suitable for your giant umbrella and in addition is easy to clean.

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Wide variety of Sunacryl® fabrics

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Fabric Sample Card SUNACRYL®
primary colors

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Coloring, light filtering thermal comfort, UV protection and more

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Fabric sample card SUNACRYL®
primary colors + special colors

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Wide variety of colors by Dickson®
including fabrics Orchestra Max

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Uhlmann Sonnenschirme Stoffe


100% solution-dyed acrylic

Dirt and water rejecting

Color fastness

Resistancy against water pressure

High UV protection

Fabric: Airtex® - water pressure resistant and easy to clean

AIRTEX® is perfect for sun protection. This material comes with an acryl coating on the upper side and provides a very low surface weight as well as good UV resistance. The special coating shows a distinct textile character.

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This fabric is water repellent, very resistant to water pressure and also very easy to clean. Due to its high water column we recommend this fabric especially to be used for rain gutters, side sheets and as cover of umbrellas at very rain-laden locations.

Wide variety of colors Airtex®



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Fabric colors including multiple additional attributes

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Sonnenschirme Stofffarben Uhlmann


100% polyester

Dirt and water repelling

Color fastness

High water pressure resistance

High UV protection

We also offer fabrics and equipment. More details we gladly give to you on request.

Special options

Uhlmann sun umbrellas offers you a wide assortment of sun umbrellas of any kind. Further you are invited to create your individual umbrella and personalize it. As manufacturer we are able to offer you maximum flexibility to realize your desire.

Feel free to unfold your creativity: for instance you can choose frame colors matching the colors of your cover by using our color sample cards. On request we gladly send you our manifold color sample cards so you can get some inspiration selecting your frame.  

Frame Colors

Sonnenschirm Gestellfarben

Premium quality powder coating to provide high scratch and impact resistance as well as protection from climatic and environmental influences.

Special coating

Sonnenschirm Sonderbeschichtung

Besides our white standard coating we offer a variety of colors and patterns like walnut, oak, marble etc.



By combining the colors of trim and fabrics interesting color schemes can be achieved and will highlight your umbrella in its surrounding.

Advertising umbrellas / Printing

Giant umbrellas provide the ideal solution for effective advertising! Printed valances and roof sections are just perfect to turn your umbrella into a real eyecatcher.

Besides providing professional expertise and advice, the team at Uhlmann and its in-house design and advertising department, ensures reliable and professional implementation of your advertising requirements.

Set the scene for you and your brand!