Questions about the product range

  • What types of giant umbrellas does Uhlmann offer?

    We offer square, rectangular, and round giant umbrellas. In addition, we have the MMA giant umbrella type with an asymmetrical shape.

  • What sizes are available?

    Square: From 2 x 2 m to 7.5 x 7.5 m

    Rectangular: From 2.5 x 2 m to 8 x 7 and 9 x 5 m

    Round: From Ø 3 m to Ø 10 m

    More information: Overview of giant umbrellas

  • What colors are offered?

    We currently offer a total of 47 different colors that can be combined with each other. In our 3D configurator, you can choose the colors of the umbrella cover, frame, and trim.

    You are welcome to design your own giant umbrella: 3D configurator

  • What accessories does Uhlmann offer for giant umbrellas?

    Our range includes various types of ground fixings, lighting, heating, rain gutters, side walls, and the Uhlmodul (partition wall).

    More information: Giant umbrella accessories

  • What are the installation options?

    Ground sleeve

    For permanent installation, we recommend our 2-piece ground sleeve. The clamp screw and an additional lock screw provide the necessary security and support for the umbrella. The ground sleeve is embedded flush with the finished surface in the foundation and guarantees a secure stand. For umbrellas with electrical wiring, the cables are routed invisibly inside the mast and sleeve. Equipped with a raising hinge, it facilitates the setup and dismantling of the giant umbrella.

    Ground plate

    The ground plate is preferred where a concrete foundation is not an option due to structural reasons. Examples include roof terraces, underground areas, or balcony systems. The 8-fold anchoring with special ground anchor screws provides a secure hold. Equipped with a raising hinge, it facilitates the setup and dismantling of the giant umbrella.

    Portable stand

    The portable stand is used for mobile installation and requires the weighting with concrete slabs. The adjustable feet of the stand frame are individually variable in height to compensate uneven ground. Equipped with a raising hinge, it facilitates the setup and dismantling of the giant umbrella.

    Characteristics of ground fixings:

    • Hot-dip galvanized steel

    • Powder coating in desired color possible

    • Durable and massive

    Special customizations of ground fixings are also possible upon request. Contact us via the contact form!

  • Does Uhlmann offer a printing service for companies?

    Yes, we have an in-house advertising department and ensure professional consultation and implementation of the desired printing work (logo, lettering, advertising, etc.).

  • What is the price of a Uhlmann giant umbrella?

    Giant umbrellas are custom-made according to customer specifications. The price is determined based on the combination of factors such as the selected colors and accessories.

Questions about quality

  • How long does a Uhlmann giant umbrella last?

    We use the highest quality materials available on the market, ensuring a very long lifetime. Any defective parts can be replaced, further extending the overall product life.

  • Are Uhlmann giant umbrellas wind-resistant?

    Yes, especially our types TS, TXS, and TX - which also have the additional label "wind-resistant". We have tested the umbrellas in a wind tunnel and they can withstand wind speeds of up to 102 km/h, which is equivalent to a heavy storm.

  • Up to what wind strength can the umbrella remain open?

    Type TS (80 mm mast)

    Peak wind speeds of up to 102 km/h gust load*

    Type TXS (110 mm mast)

    Peak wind speeds of up to 102 km/h gust load*

    Type TX (110 mm mast)

    Peak wind speeds of up to 70 km/h gust load*

    Type T

    Between 40-60 km/h depending on size*

    Type TL/TLX

    Between 30-50 km/h depending on size*

    Type MMA

    Up to 60 km/h*

    Type FX

    Between 25-40 km/h*

    Type TXV

    Up to 40 km/h*


    *All wind speed indications are maximum gust load indications and are not intended as permanent loads.

  • Are Uhlmann giant umbrellas waterproof?

    Our giant umbrellas are not waterproof but highly water-repellent or water-resistant.

    This is also confirmed by the water pressure resistance test of our high-quality fabrics:

    Sunacryl® fabric: water pressure resistance of 350 mm

    Sunacryl Max® fabric: water pressure resistance of 1200 mm

    Airtex® fabric: water pressure resistance of 700 mm

  • How high is the sun protection or UV protection?

    The fabrics used are certified according to the UV standard 801 (one of the world's strictest testing and certification systems for clothing and shading textiles) and have the following UV protection:

    Sunacryl® fabric: UV resistance 7 to 8/8

    Airtex® fabric: UV resistance 6 to 8/8

  • What are the mast and arms made of?

    Our sturdy mast constructions are made out of extruded aluminum profiles, which are additionally reinforced from the inside depending on the size and type of the giant umbrella.

  • What material is the cover made of?

    The cover is made of 100% acrylic (Sunacryl®) or 100% polyester (Airtex®), depending on your preference.

  • Is the cover free of harmful substances?

    The Swela Sunvas and Sunacryl® textiles are awarded the Ökotex Standard 100 label. This means that they have been tested for harmful substances and are considered to be health-friendly.

  • Does the fabric of the cover fade?

    The materials used are special outdoor fabrics designed for outdoor use. Therefore, they have a high color and UV resistance, depending on the type of fabric. In addition, the manufacturer specifies the color and UV resistance according to ISO 105-B02/94.

Questions about handling

  • Do I need to assemble the giant umbrella myself?

    The giant umbrella comes fully assembled to the customer. Only the roof plate needs to be mounted. An instruction manual is included.

  • Can the customer set up or install the giant umbrella alone or does it require more people?

     Depending on the type and size of the giant umbrella, at least 2 people are required due to its length. For larger umbrellas, it can also be 4-5 people.

  • Is there a manual?

    Yes, there is an operating manual for FX type umbrellas and another for all other umbrella types available and included in every shipment/delivery.

  • Does Uhlmann offer an installation service?

    We work a lot through dealers who offer corresponding services.

  • How can the umbrella be opened and closed?


    1. Remove the securing strap and loosen the wrapped cover.
    2. Open the giant umbrella with the winding handle or with a cordless screwdriver at moderate speed using the optional hex crank pin available, until all fabric segments are under tension and the stop screw located in the telescopic section docks at the top of the mast. If you use a cordless screwdriver to open the giant umbrella, please do not use it in the drill position, but with the set torque limit (maximum level).
    3. During the opening and closing of the giant umbrella, the first and last 3-4 turns should be done manually, using the winding handle (indicated by the stop screw located in the telescopic section being close to the top of the mast).
    4. Remove the blue foam parts that serve as transport protection when the giant umbrella is half-opened.



    1. If your giant umbrella is equipped with electricity, make sure that the power supply is switched off and the infrared heating lamps have cooled completely.
    2. Close the giant umbrella completely using the winding handle included in the delivery or the cordless screwdriver with the optional hex crank pin until it stops.
    3. Pull out the fabric segments completely between, behind and under the umbrella arms and wrap them around the giant umbrella (see figure F in the user manual).
    4. Afterwards, the cover must be secured against fluttering with the securing strap. Failure to do so may result in excessive fabric wear or even flutter damage and hole formation!


    Watch the video tutorial for more information.

  • How do I clean my giant umbrella?

    We recommend having your Uhlmann® cover professionally cleaned every 2-3 years to prevent surface dirt from penetrating deeply into the fabric. After cleaning, the fabric is freshly impregnated and provides new, reliable splash protection.

    We offer professional cleaning services for the following covers:

    • Covers made of the Sunacryl® cover fabric (Dolan/Dickson fabric)

    • Covers up to a size of 6x6m or Ø 6m

    Covers made of Airtex fabric, Sunacryl MAX® or fabrics with special coatings such as FR* cannot be machine washed due to their coating. For fabrics that cannot be machine washed, alternative care instructions for cleaning, such as using a steam cleaner, are available upon request.

    *Fire-resistant coating with Teflon impregnation: dirt, water and oil-repellent, weather-resistant, immune to rotting

  • How do I protect my giant umbrella?

     If you are not using your giant umbrella for a longer period of time, we recommend using a protective cover. Please make sure that the cover is completely dried before use to avoid mold formation due to moisture. Pull the individual segments out between and under the arms and wrap them tightly around the umbrella arms. Then secure them with the securing strap.

  • What should I do with my giant umbrella during the winter months?

    During the winter season, the giant umbrella should be stored in a dry room. If the giant umbrella is to remain set up, we recommend using a protective cover in which the giant umbrella is dry and safely packed. In addition, Uhlmann also offer a winter service for the winter storage of type T/TS sunshades.

  • Does my giant umbrella need maintenance?

    The Uhlmann umbrella is usually maintenance-free. Depending on the frequency of use, a new cover may be recommended after 4-8 years. This can be reordered and replaced with a few simple steps. If there are any other problems, please contact the Uhlmann customer service.

  • And what if something breaks?

    All parts are replaceable and can be delivered as spare parts.

  • Where do I get replacement parts for my giant umbrella?

    You can obtain all replacement parts from the supplier who sold you the umbrella (if they are no longer available, you can get the replacement parts directly from Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas).

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