Type MMA & umbrellas custom-made

Type MMA is a very special sun umbrella.
We spent more than two years working closely with some of the finest artists, architects and designers of the world’s famous “Metropolitan Museum of Art” in New York/USA to design this extraordinary sun umbrella. Since 2014 fourteen umbrellas of this very special edition called “The Metropolitan” have been the centre of attention by embellishing this famous museum.  

With its striking asymmetrical drawn shape and its unique modern design (with a decentred mast) this outstanding umbrella mirrors the same artistic ambience the Museum provides all visitors by its impressive exhibitions.
Now it is possible for you as an esteemed client to integrate this piece of art into your private estate or company property.  



Specifications Type MMA

Sizes: 5,5 m x 4,8 m x 3,2 m
Shaded area: 43 m²
Mast: Ø 111 mm
Arms: 35 x 25 x 2 mm, 56 x 31 x 2,5 mm, 35 x 25 x 2 mm
Operation: Crank handle / crank pin
Colors: See „Fabrics & Colors“

Custom-made sun umbrellas - designed in compliance to your desire

Your desired umbrella is exceptional? You can’t find a corresponding size or construction for it in our assortment? No problem, we design your desired umbrella individually for you and completely according to your requirements. Please, let us know your dream of an umbrella and we will make it come true. Special measurements and best quality combined with perfect service – this is what Uhlmann stands for.

Uhlmann sun umbrellas

As we are a manufacturer we are able besides our consolidated knowledge to provide the necessary flexibility and also can influence the production directly any time. Please, be ensured that your desires are heard and we are eager for fulfilling them and therefore can contribute to a successful realization of your project.


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