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Large Patio Umbrella at the swimming pool

Especially in the summer, the swimming pool in your own garden is an oasis of well-being. Also a cosy sitting area after swimming should not be missing. A giant umbrella from Uhlmann offers perfect sun protection for you and your loved ones in addition to its stylish design. Feel free to ask us – we have the perfect solution for every terrace and every garden! > More


Strong Wind Umbrella - Uhlmann Umbrellas

Who would not like to linger here? On this terrace in the south of Germany a Strong Wind Umbrella was installed. Due to the green membrane color, the giant umbrella not only attracts everyone`s attention, it also wonderfully complements the modern, natural-colored domicile and the flora around the building. Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas whishes you a sunny weekend! > More


Hotel Rila Borovets Official in Bulgaria

The Uhlmann strongwind umbrellas type TXS 4,5x4,5m accentuate the outdoor area of the Hotel Rila Borovets Official in Bulgaria since last year. With the customized frame in graphite gray and the membrane in anthracite gray the sun umbrellas not only look very stylish, but also proof their stability. Wind forces of up to 102 km/h are no problem for the giant umbrellas. The integrated heaters provide a pleasant atmosphere. > More


Uhlmann Umbrellas - Bar Albert in Graz / Austria

We have received these amazing pictures from Graz/ Austria where three type T Giant Umbrellas with the size 3,5x3,5m cover the terrace of Bar Albert. On the one hand the Sun Umbrellas stand out because of the printing on the valances. On the other hand, the chosen colour (7548) fits perfectly into the cityscape. Also the modern outdoor furniture match the overall picture. > More


Franchise company „Bareburger - Uhlmann Umbrellas

[Translate to en:] Burgerkette „Bareburger“ Terrasse ausgestattet mit Sonnenschirme von Uhlmann

In 2009 the franchise company „Bareburger“ in New York City was founded. Since 2016 the burgers can be enjoyed in Frankfurt/Germany as well. To bring the modern Brooklyn Style to the terrace the outside area was equipped with two of our Giant umbrellas type T 3x3m with membrane colour 8203 darkgrey. This terrace umbrellas match with the concept of the surrounding perfectly.Both “Bareburger” and Uhlmann Umbrellas are focused on high quality and hand-made products. > More


Extra Large Patio Umbrella 6x3m - Vapiano Frankfurt

These fantastic pictures reached us from Frankfurt am Main. The Vapiano franchise company relies on the superior quality and processing of our giant umbrellas. With a size of 6x3 meters, the Uhlmann giant umbrella can easily shade 6 tables and 12 benches.Thus, the terrace offers the perfect ambience to escape the urban chaos and the hectic rush in our everyday life. Uhlmann giant umbrellas therefore are not only a real eye-catcher in the garden. > More


Large Patio Umbrellas - perfectly into his courtyard

Today we can present you a picture from a totally different perspective. Through our selection of 100 different sizes of Patio Umbrellas our client from Séte/South France was able to choose them to fit perfectly into his courtyard. This is definitely a place where you can enjoy the shade during hot summer days. > More


Terrace umbrellas 5x5m - pictures from the United Kingdom

Impressive!Today we have received those beautiful pictures from the United Kingdom. Two of our terrace umbrellas with the size 5x5m were installed. The black powdercoated umbrella frame with its anthracite membrane is matching perfectly the overall picture of the terrace with its magnificent and symmetric architectured building. Equipped with heaters and lights the Uhlmann giant umbrellas ensure pleasant evening hours. > More


Uhlmann umbrellas at the golf course

[Translate to en:] Sonnenschirme vor einem Restaurant auf der Terrasse

The summer still hasn`t arrived in Germany yet. With our todays picture we would like to increase the anticipation of some sunshine hopefully arriving in the next weeks. The atmosphere should not only inspire golf-fans. Uhlmann umbrellas wishes a good start into the new week. > More


Patio Umbrellas at the Alpsee near Immenstadt / Germany

Patio Umbrellas at the Alpsee - Germany

At the beautiful Alpsee near Immenstadt/Germany, 12 of our Strongwind Umbrellas were installed in August 2014. They are located at a height of about 1100m where you have an amazing view. To make the waiting period for their guests more comfortable the umbrellas were fixed on the entire length of the waiting area. These provide sufficient shade before it goes into the valley with the fast Alpsee Coaster again. The Alpsee Bergwelt is definately worth a visit. > More


We have received these wonderful pictures from Valderice/Italy

We have received these wonderful pictures from Valderice/Italy. Here, two of our Cantilever Umbrellas with the size 4x4m were installed. As the Umbrellas are very close to the coast, they have been equipped with our special Marine Version. This prevents the corrosion of individual components on the Umbrellas. The Marine Version also includes a special coating over the gearbox so that our customers can enjoy the shade of the Umbrellas for many years and the salt water can’t harm them. > More


Large Patio Umbrella Type T installed on the terrace

[Translate to en:] Sonnenschirme groß auf einer Terrasse

We proudly present an Uhlmann classic: The Large Patio Umbrella Type T which is installed on the terrace of our client from Vienna, does not only offer a pleasant shade with a surface of 4,5m x 4,5m, his beige-colored membrane and the anthracite-grey frame complete the high grade appearance of the terrace. > More


Thank you for the faithful cooperation of the recent years

[Translate to en:] Uhlmann Sonnenschirme Hersteller - Pharma Biberach

Today we are able to present these pictures of the courtyard from a very well-known pharmaceutical company in Biberach / Germany. This customer receives Uhlmann Umbrellas for their outdoor areas since the company has been founded. Thank you for the faithful cooperation of the recent years. > More


Large Patio Umbrellas 4x4m in Montpellier / France

[Translate to en:] Sonnenschirme

In the heart of Montpellier / France, eight of our 4x4m Giant Umbrellas were placed. The natural coloured membranes with a light print and the frames in pearl-copper give the ambience the perfect finish with the old buildings in the background.  > More


EM-2016 / France - Commercial Patio Umbrellas

The people in France are happy to host the 2016 UEFA European Championship. They attempt to facilitate a pleasant stay for the soccer fans, just like our customers from Marseille, who provide a prestigious look to the outdoor areas of their restaurants with Uhlmann Commercial Patio Umbrellas. Indeed, these umbrellas are fitted to each restaurant by different colors, but they also build a big unity through equal measures (3x3m).Furthermore, heating and lighting provide a comfortable temperature and a cozy atmosphere for the public viewings in the evenings nearby the... > More


Giant Umbrella TX 6x5m with wonderful wooden bench

We are very proud to be able to present those beautiful pictures today. We have installed this Giant Umbrella Type TX 6x5m (wind resistant up to 70km/h) in Mittelbiberach/Germany. Due to the local situation on the terrace our client had to use a portable stand, with help from a regional carpenter he has built this wonderful wooden bench around it. The construction fits perfectly into the ambience of the terrace and invites the guest to pause and enjoy a good meal. > More


Redesign of Gardens and Terraces with Uhlmann Umbrellas

This parasol was part of a renovation project in which the owner from Uttenweiler/Germany invested a lot of time and passion. The result is impressive. The 4x4m umbrella fits nicely into the elegant and modern lines of the garden and completes the picture perfectly. We wish some nice and sunny days with their Uhlmann Patio Umbrella > More


Large Patio Umbrellas - Winter Sports Paradise in France

[Translate to en:] Großschirme vor einem Hotel in Frankreich

Winter wonderland… Courchevel is a famous winter sports paradise in France. The customer has installed 2 of our 4x4m large patio Umbrellas. The Parasols which were ordered totally in white are fitting perfectly into the wintery surrounding. This picture proves that the winter has very beautiful and sunny moments as well. > More


Cantilever Patio Umbrella Fx 4x4m above the rooftops of Stockholm

[Translate to en:] Freiarmschirme 4x4m

We have received these pictures a few weeks ago. The Cantilever Patio Umbrella Fx 4x4m was placed high above the rooftops of Stockholm/Sweden. The customers can now enjoy the special view in the shade of their Sun Umbrella. Again, our timeless and elegant Umbrellas show that they fit perfectly in any environment no matter how extraordinary.  > More


Large Patio Umbrellas 4x4m at the pool

Large Patio outdoor Umbrellas 4x4m at the pool

Summer, Sun and Uhlmann Giant Umbrellas… Today we want to get you into the holiday mood. Our client from Spain has installed two of our large patio outdoor Umbrellas 4x4m at his pool area. The choice of complete white umbrellas supports the timeless elegance of the finca. Don’t you also look forward to your next holiday when viewing those lovely pictures?  > More


Patio Umbrellas Colour Trend for the Year 2016

Colour Trend for the year 2016- In recent years we have discovered that our clients choose a white frame, as the decision to have a dark or coloured frame is very difficult because of the ever-changing colour trends. For 2016, however we see that natural colours will become very popular. Like green, brown, blue and grey. When the decision has been made for a dark frame, a natural, beige or light grey membrane will fit perfectly. u. > More


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2016

We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2016. > More


Commercial Patio Umbrellas in front of the Casino in Biarritz / France.

These two Patio Umbrellas with the size 5x5m were installed in 2014 in front of the casino in Biarritz / France. The customer asked us to produce the Umbrella frames in black with a cherry-red membrane. He has chosen them so that they fit perfectly with the terrace furniture. This choice gives the ambience the perfect modern touch.   > More


New Patio Umbrellas for the Thermal Spring in Bad Dürrheim / Germany

The summer is over now and the autumn shows us its beauty… This is the reason why we want to remind you of the nice and very hot days in 2015. The pictures have been taken in Bad Dürrheim/Germany. A shaded place has been worth a lot and the guests of the thermal spring in Bad Dürrheim did appreciate it.. > More


Commercial Patio Umbrellas 5x5m

A few days ago we have received this lovely picture from Lenningen/Germany. They have installed two of our Commercial Patio Umbrellas (5x5m). They are equipped with Lights and Heaters so that their guests can enjoy the amazing view regardless of the weather. > More


Large Patio Umbrellas 4x4m

We were able to manufacture these wonderful Sun Umbrellas in 2014. The colour of the frames for these 4x4m Umbrellas has been chosen by the client from Schwalmtal/Germany in a very trendy finish (RAL: 7016). The light colour of the membrane fits perfectly into the environment. > More


Das Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is one of the most famous and largest art musems in the world.The museum has over 6 million visitors per year. It regularily exposes pictures, figurines, jewelry and books from different areas and from all over the world.Two years ago, the planning for a new, attractive outdoor area of the museum began -with the support of Uhlmann‘s design team. The ambition was to make the outdoor area a special place, both for visitors and for New Yorkers. Everyone should feel comfortable and happy while staying there.The... > More


The new product: Uhlmodul

You ask yourself: What is this Uhlmodul?The Uhlmodul is a special construction for you!Let us explain the exact functions of an Uhlmodul and its advantages for you.You can use the Uhlmodul as a display for your advertisement.  It can be effectively used to define  your space, the  borders of  your  establishment , - seperate it from any common areas. It can also serve as  protection against the wind. Used as a separator, it is  a high-class and  attractive alternative to ordinary fences and such, and at the same... > More


Impression R+T fair 2015 in Stuttgart

The entire Uhlmann Team thanks you for visiting us and for the great conversations we had at our stand at the R + T 2015 in Stuttgart! We were very pleased with the many enthusiastic feedback on our stand. We hope you liked our products, and we are looking forward to working with you! Together we will have a successful year!  > More


R+T fair in Stuttgart - 24-28. February 2015

We are pleased to announce you that Uhlmann Umbrella company will be represented at the R&T fair in Stuttgart. This fair which covers the topics sun protection systems, roller shutters and doors/gates will take place from February 24th to February 28th 2015. Come and visit us. You will find us in hall 1, stand nr. E-32. Welcome to our stand!   > More