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Large Outdoor Patio Umbrellas Type T - The Classic

An allrounder that is perfectly designed!

The classic among our centre mast umbrellas guarantees professional shading for any requirement. Our Classic Type T covers from 4 m² to 27 m².

The tried and tested telescopic system and state of the art gearbox situated within the mast provide maximum stability, functionality and durability. It is operated by crank handle or pin, whereby the frame is raised when closing, so that, with few exceptions, Type T umbrellas can be closed above table height.

Adjustable, spring-loaded end pieces in the arms ensure automatic retightening of membranes as well as quick and easy cover changes.

Depending on your individual requirements, Type T umbrellas can be installed using
concrete foundations with in-ground sleeves, base plates or portable bases.

A spectacular variety of sizes, outstanding craftsmanship and a broad range of accessories make this large patio umbrella first choice for most solutions.

Costumer Solutions Large Patio Umbrella Type T

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  • Most popular patio umbrella
  • Ideal for shading small to medium-sized areas
  • Comprehensive variety of sizes
  • 8-arm telescope technology


Specifications Type T

Sizes: 2,0 m to Ø 6,5 m
Shaded area:4 m² to 27 m²
Mast: Ø 80 mm
Mast thickness:3 mm to 4mm
Arms:35x25x2 mm or 45x25x2 mm
Operation:Crank handle / crank pin
Colours:see heading "Fabrics and colours"
Accessories:Avaible as an optional extra

The large patio Umbrella - frame
Powder-coated, white aluminum profiles, easy to clean, sturdy and lasting beauty. Each bar is individually replaceable in little time, fasteners are galvanized or stainless steel. Long roof poles are reinforced to increase the strength inside. With adjustable end pieces in the roof struts the covering can be retightened and easy to dismantle. The lower rod receiving plate is welded to the support pole. The telescope is twisting out in a plastic bearing.

Technical details of a umbrella
Telescope umbrellas are equipped with a crank drive (crank is removable) and combine an extraordinary strong architecture with highest quality. Wind stability and longevity are ensured by the solid construction. The telescope system with the spindle lifting the frame guarantees that even the largest umbrellas are closing above table height. This is a very important aspect for the catering industry. 

The umbrella drive
The crank drive is very smooth-running and can be stopped at any clamping position due to the self-locking spindle.
That is why the opening of even the biggest umbrellas is extremely easy.