Über uns - Uhlmann Sonnenschirme

Who we are

In 1992 Mr. Herbert Uhlmann  started manufacturing umbrellas in Dentingen, a small community in  Southern Germany. The outstanding quality of his product soon made the Uhlmann Umbrellas a sought after product on the market.

After  Mr. Uhlmann’s retirement the production space was expanded,  many processes were modernized, new products were developed  and production capacity was increased.

The current owner, Mr. Christian Maar is committed to further expansion and innovation, while insisting on keeping the quality of the umbrellas at maximum levels.

Now forty dedicated employees   follow his lead and give their best to uphold the Uhlmann Umbrellas excellent reputation.

The Uhlmann Umbrellas are making an impressive appearance on the US and Canadian markets. A number of highly qualified distributors represent the Uhlmann Umbrellas, and the company now has a sales office in Tucson, Arizona.”