Über uns - Uhlmann Sonnenschirme

We support

We are committed to give back to the communities that are supporting us.
We also help and support a number of charities and deserving organization on an annual basis.

One of our latest projects is dealing with the support and encouragement of children in misery from different continents.

Therefore we have decided to take over 5 permanent sponsorships of “SOS Kinderdorf” for children in indigence.  This is our contribution to make the prevailing circumstances at least more bearable. Because “children are hope”.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite our esteemed clients and friends to join this project.
Our intention is to make this world a little better, this can only be reached when working together.

The earthquakes in Nepal in April and May 2015 were one of the most horrible natural disasters in the last decade. The horrifying pictures of the demolition went all over the world and unsettled the hearts of many people. Fast support either financial or in material was desperately needed.
Within 2 days after the earthquake we have reacted immediately as well and donated to help. With this money it was possible to buy hundreds of tent membranes, rice and water. The donations were given to the people in need especially those living in the hard to reach mountain villages. With the first primary care the people had the chance to survive at least some more weeks and with the tent membranes it has been secured that there was a dry roof over their heads.

Many donations were made but unfortunately a lot of people still live in misery, without an intact home to stay and not enough infrastructure to manage their life’s. So please, don’t look away! Every donation counts. Be active and help with your donation.