Uhlmodul - Mobile Trennwände für die Gastronomie


The newest Uhlmann product is called Uhlmodul. It is an ideal complementary product for our umbrellas, but it can also be used as a stand-alone advertizing medium.  

There are a number of possible applications for the Uhlmodul.  For side walk cafes and restaurants it can be used to define their space when used as a separator between the sidewalk and tables. It also provides low level privacy protection for the customers.

The framed fabric can be the same color as the umbrellas, or any other color in our fabric library.  The frames are powder coated in any requested color from the RAL chart. A number of Uhlmoduls can be easily connected or taken apart.

Visually attractive advertising space is the best calling card for a restaurant or company. The Uhlmodul, printed with the company name or logo will be eye-catching, and will brings customers to the business.  We can print multi color graphics, even photos on the Uhlmodul  in our print shop.


Uhlmodul von Uhlmann Sonnenschirme
Uhlmodul in der Gastronomie
Mobile Trennwände für die Gastronomie
Trennwände / Werbetafel für Gastronomie
Trennwände Großschirme
Trennwände für grosse Schirme