Sonnenschirme Zubehoer

We are committed to protect our customers’ investment by assuring the safe installation of their umbrellas. Depending on the size of the umbrellas and a variety of local factors, we offer two types of permanent installations, using in-ground sleeves for new installations or base plate solutions for existing concrete surface.

The accessories available for all models of Uhlmann Umbrellas increase the practicality of our umbrellas and ambience of the establishment.  They also make good business sense. The power saving soft lights on our umbrellas invite customers to linger under the umbrellas, way passed the twilight hours.

A business always benefits when it provides comfort to its customers. The efficient infrared heaters  on our umbrellas can take the chill out of outdoor dining at any time of the day.  In addition to power saving, these heaters are safer than gas heaters and don’t take up floor place.

The “rain gutters”, installed between two umbrellas drain the water off the adjacent sides of the umbrellas. They can also provide continuous shade from the sun by eliminating the gap between umbrellas. They can connect a number of square or rectangular umbrellas to create a very large area protected from sun and rain. An innovation by the Uhlmann Team is a gutter that can drain water off even single edges of umbrellas.

With the use of side sheets, an umbrella becomes a “room” that provides complete protection from the elements.  The room like feeling is assured by large see-thru “windows” and even a roll up door. One or two side sheets on an umbrella can provide protection against the prevailing wind. The side sheets are   easily to install or remove as the weather changes.  

Large patio umbrellas provide effective advertising space. Valances as well as roof sections can be used to for this purpose. Printing catches the eye, brings the object forth, helps to differentiate it from its surrounding. It is an important tool in branding a business.