Sonnenschirme Zubehoer


The electrical system on our umbrellas is developed for 220-240V European system. Since most commercial establishments have the same voltage lines already installed in the USA and Canada, it does not represent a problem.

As all the wiring is running inside the mast for safety and aesthetics, so the light fixtures should be installed on the umbrellas at the time of assembly. 
For installations that use their own light fixtures to match the particular theme of the location, we offer plug-in ready wiring.

We install the light fixtures for the Classic and wind resistant patio umbrellas on the mast, and for the extra large patio umbrellas on the roof arms of the umbrellas.

Our “standard” light fixtures  create a soft, glare-free light and provide light safety and reliability in any weather. Well insulated against dust , dampness and even splashes of water, they are uniquely suitable for use on our umbrellas


Gastronomie Sonnenschirme bei Nacht beleuchtet
Große Sonnenschirme mit Beleuchtung